Tuesday, July 14, 2009

News from the Past - July 14, 1929

OK this is legitimately an odd one - from the Nevada State Journal out of Reno, Nevada.
'Girl' Becomes Boy
To Go Into School

SELINSGROVE, Pa., July 13.- (AP) —Marion Bodmer, 19. son of Gurgess G. A. Bodmer, after masquerading for 19 years as a girl, donned mannish attire and is preparing to enter the legal profession. This was revealed here today when it was learned that Young Bodmer had enrolled at an Allentown preparatory
school, a boys' school.
Inquiries as to why a girl was enrolling at a boys' preparatory school brought the admission from the parents that Marion or Marian was really a boy and not a girl.
Young Bodmer was graduated from the Selinsgrove High School in 1928 as a girl. He had made a good scholarship' record and, had played three years on the girls' basketball team at the school.
OK - so I guess he grew up as a girl for 19 years? I wonder how that worked out for him.

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hastings said...

Is there any chance that the father's name is misspelled? If it was Burgess G.A. Bodmer, it means he was Mayor of Selinsgrove, which certain ups the ante in the outing department. Marion's father George Augustus Bodmer lived in Selinsgrove from the early 1900s until his death. FYI, Marion is listed in the 1930 census as a male, but "she" was listed in the 1920 census as a female. Possibly s/he was born with ambiguous genitals i.e. hermaphroditism?