Friday, July 24, 2009

Come off it!

Here is one of the chief complaints against providing a government option to to health care, coming from Jonah Goldberg's latest article.
Under his plan, an official body -- staffed with government doctors, actuaries, economists and other experts -- will determine which health-care treatments, procedures and remedies are cost-effective and which are not. Then it will decide which ones will get paid for, and which won't. Would a 70-year-old woman be able to get a hip replacement, or would that not be considered a wise allocation of resources? Would a 50-year-old man not be permitted an expensive test his doctor wants if the rules say the cheaper, less thorough one is sufficient? The Democrats call this "cost-controls." But for the patient and the doctor, it's plain old rationing.
Except that that's what we have now. Right now people are making the call about what medical care is necessary and what isn't - those people work for insurance companies. Those people have a strong motivation to deny expensive services that would negatively affect their cash flow. At least in "Obamacare," the people "rationing" will be working for the government.

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