Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sarah Palin, Again

I saw this article early on in my review, but kept looking around, hoping to find something else. But nothing else really piqued my interest; so here we are. Ross McKenzie's latest article starts with an an intriguing question, to wit, "Does it make any sense, what Sarah Palin has done?"

He concludes, unsurprisingly, that we don't really know why Palin did it, but he seems to hope that she did it in order to save the party.
With the Republican Party increasingly leaderless and seemingly on a descent into the maelstrom, the conservative/moderate remnant may require a galvanic force. A leader. An opposition on the British model, the sort of opposition rarely seen in America - if ever.

. . . with the ethics process in Alaska having been turned against her for partisan/ideological purposes, and proving crippling financially, and a disabling distraction, she may have decided that if she is even to try to serve as a catalytic agent for conservatives and moderates nationwide, she has to devote her energies to that task full-time.
So there you go; Sarah Palin has proven her leadership by resigning. Honestly the article seems a bit tentative; MacKenzie doesn't really want to crawl too far out on that particular limb, even if he is hopeful about Palin.

The Republicans aren't likely to be this demoralized forever, but it's enjoyable to watch for now.

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