Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Poor Rush Limbaugh

Brent Bozell steps up to the plate this week to defend Rush Limbaugh against some pretty mean insults coming his way. For one thing, many liberals make fun of him for being fat.

Now I'm somewhat with Bozell on this one. It is one thing to note that Limbaugh doesn't have much sympathy with the hungry in America; that's fair game. But some of these attacks go well beyond that and are frankly pretty ugly.

But of course Bozell, being Bozell, has to overstep.
Let us be honest: Sometimes conservative talk radio goes too far. But never will you hear a credible conservative talk show host -- say, Rush, or Hannity, or Levin or Ingraham -- resort to this sort of ugliness.

They don't have to. They just call liberals liberals and laugh, while those liberals explode with outrage.
Yeah that's all Rush does. Wait, no it's not. What Rush does on his show is gin up hatred for Liberals as often as he can.
We view liberals as a threat to the founding of this country. We view them as a threat to the future. We view them as a threat to the traditions and institutions that have defined this country's greatness. We view them as people who need to be defeated, not worked with.
Like that.

And as I've noted before, Limbaugh doesn't confine himself to insulting the powerful and the wealthy. Instead he attacks every liberal as a threat to this nation. So while I'm not keen on the fat jokes, there's still plenty about Rush to attack.

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