Friday, July 17, 2009

News From the Past - July 17, 1929

This news report is from a simpler time, when simple people lived simple lives. Also it's from The Carroll Times, Carroll, Iowa.

The annual K. C. picnic, sponsored by Charles Carroll Council which was scheduled to be held last Sunday in Feld's grove, one mile north of Carroll, was postponed because of a continuous rain during the night previous and on Sunday.
The committee In charge has decided to hold the picnic this Sunday, weather permitting, at the same place. A cordial invitation is extended the general public to attend this annual day of fun and frolic. There will be sports of all kinds, and stands have been erected where the thirsty and hungry can satisfy their wants. Those desiring to bring picnic baskets may do so. Coffee will be served on the grounds.
It is nice that if you want to bring your own food you can.

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