Tuesday, July 07, 2009

News From the Past - July 7, 1929

A timely story, considering Ms. Charen's article earlier; this is from the San Antonio Light, for Sunday, July 7.
Turkish Women
Discard Veils 'N
'This and That'

CONSTANTINOPLE, July 6.— (INS) — Young Turkish women, caught in the whirlwind of modernism, have not only discarded the face veil, but some of them have discarded nearly everything else.
A new system of German exercises has been introduced throughout the republic and is being adopted generally. Some of the young women who have gone in for the exercises are practically nude, while taking part in the athletic drills.
Physical culture is taking such an important place in the education of young Turkish women that the government has decided to establish a director of physical culture at Angora, the seat of government.
A few points - apparently the young Turkish men were lazy slobs. But then again maybe they just preferred to watch?

I'm also curious about this "new system of German exercises."

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