Friday, July 10, 2009

News From the Past - July 10, 1929

Saw this story in a number of papers while I was looking around, but this particular one comes from the Hope Star, of Hope Arkansas. For some reason that sound seems familiar.
New Bills To Be In
Circulation Today

Make Effort To See If
Smaller Money Go As
Far As Other

The effort to see if the new small-sized paper money will go as far as the older and larger kind began in Hope at nine o'clock this morning and many an anxious - and proud - owner of a one-dollar William is trying to figure out the result.
The Federal Reserve bank shipped to each of the banks here an allotment of the new currency, based on number of depositors, and other shipments are scheduled to be showing up at regular intervals consigned to each of the three local institutions.
Efforts will be made to distribute the currency in the normal cource of business. Ray Anderson of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Co., said No Hard and Fast Rules have been laid down, but it is hoped that a general game of "please exchange this for that" will not ensue.
However for the satisfaction of the public generally, Star announces that it will accept the older currency on subscription just as readily as it will the new. There, there now, don't crowd.
I like the paper in general, particularly because they put in pictures of the actors in a local play. But this article does have some odd bits; like I'm not exactly sure how you read that sub-headline.

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