Thursday, July 09, 2009

Government Behaving Badly

A pair of posts from other blogs that are well worth reading.
Let me repeat that: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas wants to put in charge of his state's public schools a woman who wants to destroy those schools.

Perry doesn't just want to hire the giggling firebug, he wants to make her the fire chief.
What Obama is saying is this: we'll give real trials only to those detainees we know in advance we will convict. For those we don't think we can convict in a real court, we'll get convictions in the military commissions I'm creating. For those we can't convict even in my military commissions, we'll just imprison them anyway with no charges ("preventively detain" them).
Glenn Greenwald

On the plus side Gov. Rick Perry may not appoint the giggling firebug. Hard to find an upside in the Greenwald story, though.

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