Monday, July 13, 2009

News From the Past - July 13, 1929

Wasn't feeling great this weekend and today is very busy, but I can't miss out on News from the Past for too long. Today's comes from the Edwardsville Intelligencer from Edwardsville Illinois. It's a somewhat shocking story, as it turns out the Governor's Wife's Negro chauffeur is a speeder.

Maishall, Mo., July 13—Mrs. Henry Caulfield, wife of Governor Caulfield, was forced to pay $7.50 fine for speeding here before she was allowed to continue from Jefferson City to Cariolton.
The ofticer who stopped the Caulfield machine at Halla Bend testified the Caulfield negro chauffeur was driving 58 miles per hour. The speed limit at that point is 20 miles per hour.
Not much to say about this one; except that reference to Negro Chauffeur kind of chafes, doesn't it?

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