Monday, July 27, 2009

Like Ann Coulter but More Vile, it's Doug Giles

Trying to make a rhyme. Anyway, Doug Giles regularly writes about how he prefers a muscular type of Christianity, a Christianity of Hate if you will. This week, however, he sticks to politics, and shows why he is really working at at being more vile than Ann Coulter.
Did anybody else notice feces fumes coming off Obama’s head during his last presser? I think after that methane emission Obama owes Al Gore a few grand for carbon offsets. This guy has taken lies, hype and spin to an all-new human level. I hear Beelzebub is jealous.

Watching Barack work his voodoo last Wednesday was like watching Michael Jordan airwalk, or Michael Jackson moonwalk, or Gary Busey simply walk. Or maybe it was like watching Rosie O’Donnell devour a five-gallon bucket of bacon grease sprinkled with lizards and broken eggshells in 30 seconds flat.

It was truly amazing to behold B-HO lie his mocha-chino off to America about his Health Care Reform Bill or Health Insurance Reform Thing-a-ma-jig or whatever the heck it’s called now. His ability to misrepresent like that must stem from his Muslim upbringing; y’know, the whole “end justifies the means” mantra.
Is the end justifies the means really a Muslim doctrine? Maybe he meant Marxist and confused the two.

I debated leaving in the bit about Rosie O'Donnell just because it's so very ugly, but then I figured you needed to see the type of Christian that Giles is.

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