Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News From the Past - July 29, 1929

Posted that before I meant to. Todays story comes from the Daily News Standard out of Uniontown PA.
4 Convicts
Escape, Said
After Check
AUBURN, N. Y., July 29.—Machine guns atop the ivy-covered walls of the Auburn prison brought armed peace today and ended the most daring outbreak In any New York state penal institution.
Warden Edgar S. Jennings announced shortly before dawn that all but four of the 1700 prisoners who attempted to battle their way out of their narrow world of walls yesterday had been accounted for. The four men apparently escaped. They were George Small, New York City, serving a 12 year term for second degree robbery; Joe Catricio of Rochester, N. Y., serving a 20 year sentence for robbery; Arthur Barry of Nassau county, serving 25 years for burglarly, and Stephen Tawlak, Buffalo, sentenced to life imprisonment as a fourth offender under the Baumes law.
I guess those Machine Guns are useful. Nice to have them on our side.

I'll note that the newspaper also contains articles about Irish Day (at Shady Grove Park) and Big Slovak Day, which is apparently Friday (in 1929). I just like the inclusion of Big there. Big Slovak Day. Probably the little Slovaks have their own day.

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