Sunday, July 26, 2009

News from the Past - July 26, 1929

Gorillas attack Elizbeth Illinois, which is a silly name for a town. Only it turns out it was a monkey enlarged by the power of moonshine.
Think Person
'Saw Things'

Freeport, III., July 26-{AP)— The terrible gorilla 'which yesterday had Elizabeth, Ill., agog, astir and aghast had shrunk today to a monkey, if even that.
The farm women who locked themselves indoors, and the men folk who went forth with guns and grim determined faces, were breathing more easily. The "gorilla" they wanted was the one who started the story.
Preeport police said the gorilla was a combination of monkey and moonshine. A carnival lost some monkeys
while showing here recently, The police hold that some person suffering from sunshine and moonshine saw a monkey and translated it into a gorilla.
As one astute officer explained, even good whiskey has been known to produce an entire horde of pink elephants.
Ok this is kind of a silly one - but isn't there an entertaining movie in it somewhere? Monkeys and Moonshine!

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