Monday, July 20, 2009

Those Darn Kids!

Burt Prelutsky, humorist, in his latest article, is trying to pin down just when America started to go bad. Was it when Carter failed to take out the Ayotollah? Was it when Bill Clinton got a blowjob? Or was it this?
For all I know, things might have begun sliding the very first time some slack-jawed teenager struck a pose and struck a chord on an imaginary guitar. There was a time, after all, when most American kids were actually given music lessons and learned how to play an actual instrument, and even saved up their allowance to buy sheet music.
Ah the good old days. Actually I saved up money and bought sheet music. But it was to a Sting song if memory serves (Russians I want to say), so I probably don't count.

Of course we did have Reagen and Bush in there, and a Republican controlled congress - so maybe Rock and Roll didn't ruin America.

The rest of the article is lazy and sloppy about what you would expect; Obama is ruining the country and apologizing to other nations (which is just awful).

Oh one other thing, check out the comments on this post from Random Goblin - he wrote a long bit, and it's worth reading.

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