Wednesday, July 08, 2009

News From the Past - July 8, 1929

Short one today, about an "Amazon." This is from the Chester Times out of Chester, Pennsylvania.
NAPJERVILLE. Ill., July 8—Laura Weaver, 21, described by police as possessing Amazonian strength, had confessed today she strangled her common-law husband, Wilbur Kitselman, 52, and then burned his body near Annawan, III.
Of course you have to look at this within the confines of the day - Amazon was not intended in anyway shape or form as a compliment. And it's possible that a 52 year old guy marrying a 21 year old woman was not as odd as it might be today.


Elayne said...

They weren't married. "Common-law husband" means they were living together.

Bryant said...

D'oh. You are right. Still that doesn't make the story any less salacious.