Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Burqa

Mona Charen's latest article takes on the Burqa, and France's recent decision to ban it. For those who don't know what a Burqa is, well, she handily provides a description.
Unlike the headscarf, which covers a woman's hair but leaves her face visible, the burqa is a head-to-toe covering that makes walking draperies of women. Some, like the chador worn in Afghanistan, feature a mesh covering for the face. The Saudi version usually sports a slit for the eyes. . . . Available in your choice of Navy Blue, Brown, or Saudi Black." Yes "Saudi black." In a country where summertime temperatures often reach 120 Fahrenheit, the geniuses designed a garment for women that is stifling and black.
She says that it would probably be unconstitutional for the United States to ban the Burqa but that as individuals we can resist it.
The French approach would be constitutionally complicated in America. But as C.C. Colton observed, "The law allows what honor forbids." For all men and women who consider themselves enlightened, fighting off the burqa should be a matter of honor.
It seems to escape Charen's notice that some women might choose to wear the Burqa of their own free will. In which case, I'm not sure anybody but the woman involved should make the decision.

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