Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Picking a Fight

I've written on the war on Christmas for a few years now, which is why I chose to forgo this time around (well that and the crazy way they are handling primaries this time around required me to start pretty early). But todays article from Bill Murchison underlines why this issue exists; it exists because some Christians want to fight.
Rather, on the authority of those same Gospel accounts, and that of Paul -- he was here among us to establish direct human link with the Almighty God who had made heaven and earth?

Yes, Dawkins, we hear you. Made what?! Heaven and earth, I believe I said. Not for the Dawkinses, such a non-scientific assertion of non-scientific premises.
I gather there haven't been as many anti Christmas acts this year, if you are reduced to raging against a book you don't happen to like. But there it is - it's not about any actual prejudice and persecution because there isn't any to speak of. It's about making a statement and pretending like you are persecuted for making that statement so as to dignify your statement. Murchinson's pro-Christmas stance hasn't hurt him any. And I'd 99.9999% of American's Christians have suffered not one whit for their Christmas celebrations.

But admitting that kind of blows the game, doesn't it?

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