Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Candidate Review - Electoral Reform - Bill Richardson

On his Civil Rights page, Richardson talks about ensuring voting is handled well, and he appears to have some experience as well.
In 2006, Governor Richardson signed into law the landmark New Mexico Make Every Vote Count Act, that moves the state to a single paper ballot system, makes New Mexico's elections system more transparent and helps guarantee that every New Mexican's ballot will be counted.
Sounds good to me. But what does he have to say about campaign finance? He doesn't mention it on his issues page (that I could find) but he did release a press release on his signing a law having public financing for judicial candidates.
“With the signing of this bill, New Mexico becomes one of only two states in the country to have public financing for judicial races and fulfills a key recommendation of my Ethics Reform Task Force,” said Governor Bill Richardson. “Public financing helps assure that Court of Appeals and Supreme Court judges can run for office without the pressures of partisan campaigning or fundraising, and complements other measures passed this session such as limits on gifts and higher standards of conduct for government officials.”
Sounds pretty good, but the record isn't as deep as I would like

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