Monday, December 10, 2007

Candidate Review - Electoral Reform - Mitt Romney

One good thing about Mitt Romney; he's very predictable. He knows what the right positions on the issues are, and, by gum, he takes them! On campaign finance, the answer is "McCain Fiengold Bad, Public Disclosure Good."
Repeal McCain-Feingold. Governor Romney believes that McCain-Feingold should be repealed because it restricts our First Amendment rights. He believes we should enact reforms that promote transparency and disclosure, preserve grassroots activism and protect the ability to criticize or endorse current officeholders and candidates.

Restore The Free Speech Rights Of The American People. Political speech is at the heart of the First Amendment. The American people must be allowed to advocate for their candidates and their positions without the burdensome limitations of McCain-Feingold.

. . . Support Transparency And Disclosure. McCain- Feingold has driven money into secret corners and given more power to hidden special interests. Governor Romney believes we must have more transparency and disclosure in the process, rather than more restrictions and censorship of political speech.
I don't know exactly how this would work; how hard is now to find out who's donating to political campaigns? Doesn't seem that hard. And one of the problems he's referencing, indirect donations, wouldn't be solved by repealing McCain Fiengold. At any rate, like Keyes, his big issue is preserving the influence of big business over our politicians.

Full public funding of campaigns seems like the better bet.

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