Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Candidate Review - Illegal Immigration - Dennis Kucinich

This is weird. I am looking over Dennis Kucinich's site and I am having a hard time finding out his position on Illegal Immigration. I was particularly befuddled at his section on Race/Ethnicity Issues, in which he addresses African Americans, Native Americans, Arab Americans, and Irish Americans (?) but has nothing to say to Latino Americans. Anyway I'm off to look at Google.

Well the first hit is his assertion that you can't solve illegal immigration without solving NAFTA.
Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich told audiences in California and Oregon yesterday that the United States would not be able to resolve its economic and immigration issues until it resolves its trade policies, and he renewed his promise that his first act in office will be to cancel the United States’ participation in NAFTA and the WTO.
Well that's something at any rate. And most of the links here seem to refer back to this speech. I'm not sure that repealing NAFTA and ending our participation in the WTO is the panacea he thinks it is.

Really this is surprising to me - Kucinich is supposed to be a policy wonk, and really he normally is. I don't know why he would miss this issue.

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