Monday, December 10, 2007

Candidate Review - Electoral Reform - Rudy Giuliani

Well Giuliani thinks that Romney is a lot like Hillary Clinton. That's dirty pool from what I hear. Apparently Romney and Hillary CLinton agree that campaign finance is an issue that out to be addressed - well Giuliani doesn't feel that way. He's in favor of ignoring the issue, to judge by his issues page. The only reason to refer to Campaign Finance is to bash Mitt Romney.

In a bizarre turn of events, one page (the one referenced above) claims that Romney is in favor of McCain Fiengold (or at least things like that). A month later, Giuliani's staff put out a page attacking Romney for being excessively negative, i.e. by criticizing McCain Fiengold. So it really doesn't matter what opinion Romney has on Campaign Finance - either way you should support Giuliani.

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