Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Candidate Review - The Environment - Dennis Kucinich

I went to Democratic Underground for the suggestion of my latest topic. Several were suggested, but this seemed like a big area I had neglected, so I picked this one.

Kucinich is very concerned about the environment, as you might expect.
As the world population soars towards eight billion, critical issues of survival face all of us. Living on a planet of finite resources means that human life can not be sustained indefinitely without careful thought and compassion coupled with political courage.
I think this is a bit of a misstep. I don't know how Americans look at the exploding population, but I know they are largely opposed to any attempts to curtail such population growth.

Kucinich also makes the following statement.
As President, I will lead the way in protecting our oceans, rivers and rural environments. I will also lead in fighting for clean, affordable and accessible drinking water. I have worked hand-in-hand with the environmental movement on many battles, from thwarting a nuclear waste dump to boosting organics to demanding labels on genetically-engineered products. A clean environment, a sustainable economy, and an intact ozone layer are not luxuries, but necessities for our planet's future.
The one advantage Kucinich has is that he has been a committed liberal for a long time, so has a record. This is something Edwards and Obama lack; and Clinton's record is, at best, a mixed bag for liberals.

At any rate, I have little doubt that were Kucinch to be elected, he would be very strong on the environment; I don't know how successful he would be at getting Congress to go along with him, however.

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