Thursday, December 20, 2007

Candidate Review - The Environment - Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson doesn't have an environment issues tab (all of his issues are on the same page, hidden under tabs), but he does have an "Energy Security" page. A nose by any other name.
The energy challenges our nation faces today are real and significant. Our dependence on foreign sources of oil threatens our national security and puts our economic prosperity at risk. America must rise to the challenge and take the steps necessary to become more energy independent before this becomes a crisis. No one solution will solve the energy challenges we face; all ideas must be on the table. Greater energy security will enhance our ability to pursue our foreign policy and national security objectives. Increasing our energy independence and investing in alternative energy sources will also produce a healthier environment. And while we don’t know for certain how or why climate change is occurring, it makes sense to take reasonable steps to reduce CO2 emissions without harming our economy.
I guess you can get a sense of Thompsons priorities, and cleaning up the environment ain't one of them.

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