Monday, December 03, 2007

Candidate Review - Electoral Reform - Dennis Kucinich

I am using this title to cover both campaign finance reform, as well as electronic voting, redistricting and other issues. Kucinich is in favor of fixing our electoral system, as you might expect.
A corrupt campaign finance system, coupled with vulnerable electronic voting have eroded America's confidence in our elections.
There it is - how many people really believe that their vote matters?

Kucinich does say the magic words - Complete Public Financing of Elections. Good idea! He also opposes electronic voting; and I'm not with him on this one. Or I see the same problem but don't proscribe the same solution.
We need real voting reform now. Throw out electronic voting machines, that Diebold technology election hacker's dream. Go to paper ballots, a paper trail. Make our election process honest again.
I would rather see us fix the electronic voting machines to provide a paper trail - in the same way that an ATM provides a paper trail.

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