Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Candidate Review - The Environment- Joe Biden

Joe Biden's page on climate change starts with an impassioned plea to take this issue serious.
The science is clear, and the physical consequences of global warming are obvious in shrinking polar ice caps, retreating glaciers, stronger storms, and changing rainfall patterns. We can expect rising sea levels, spreading diseases, and unpredictable, abrupt climate shifts. Even the richest nations will face huge costs coping with this challenge. The poorest nations will be hit the worst and will have the fewest resources with which to respond. This is a recipe for global resource wars, and even great resentment of our wealth by those less fortunate – a new world disorder. We must act.
He's not wrong. If the science holds true it will be poorer nations who suffer for our lack of effort in dealing with this problem. He focuses on dealing with our energy needs in a responsible fashion, although he is also in favor of Biofuels, which I'm not sold on personally.

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