Thursday, December 13, 2007

Candidate Review - Illegal Immigration - Alan Keyes

One think I like about Alan Keyes is that all of his website is written as his point of view, as if he had written it himself. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that he had written it all himself. Makes for a nice change.

Anyway he's not keen on illegal immigration, as you might expect. He wants to prevent what he calls colonization - by which he means the scary prospect that America might not be dominated by White Males.

Worth noting here that Keyes is black.
Until our political leaders put in place the tools and forces needed to control our borders, responsible and moral Americans should oppose any measures that would signal our acceptance of the de facto colonization of our country.

President Bush's guest-worker proposal and the Senate's amnesty bill are such measures. They may serve short-sighted business interests intent on cheapening the cost of labor in our economy, and they may serve the corrupt interests of Mexican and other foreign elites seeking to relieve the pressure created by their own policies of greedy exploitation, but they do not serve the common good. Serving the common good demands policies that give preference in immigration not just to workers seeking jobs and money, but to those who seek liberty and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Let me add that it is incongruous that in the midst of the struggle we are now waging against the international terror network--a struggle that has taken various forms, including, we are told, the effort we are making on behalf of self-government and liberty in Iraq--I think it's incongruous that we should be putting forth such a maximal effort of sending our men and women over there to risk their lives and spill their blood, and meanwhile we are being told that we don't have the right to defend the integrity of the identity and the borders and the self-government of our own people.
Well that's that. Still, Keyes is long on emotion here, and not as long on how he will protect us from the brown menace.

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