Friday, December 28, 2007

Candidate Review - Assassination of Benazir Bhutto - Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson's statement isn't very realistic, unfortunately.
Benazir Bhutto was a courageous woman. Her death, and the deaths of so many of her supporters, is more than just a tragedy. It is a testament to the will of the Pakistani people to see democracy restored. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died today.

. . . We must use our diplomatic leverage and force the enemies of democracy to yield: President Bush should press Musharraf to step aside, and a broad-based coalition government, consisting of all the democratic parties, should be formed immediately. Until this happens, we should suspend military aid to the Pakistani government. Free and fair elections must also be held as soon as possible.

It is in the interests of the US that there be a democratic Pakistan that relentlessly hunts down terrorists. Musharraf has failed, and his attempts to cling to power are destabilizing his country. He must go.
That's just not going to happen. First of all Pakistan is a necessary ally in the war in Iraq and Bush isn't going to chuck Musharraf over board. Secondly though, why do we get the right to tell Pakistan they have to change Presidents? How would we react if Europe told us we had to dump President Bush (and given the way things are going, I'd be surprised if they hadn't considered it)? I don't like President Bush but I don't think I'd be keen on that.

And I doubt the Pakistanis would be either.

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