Thursday, December 20, 2007

Candidate Review - The Environment - John McCain

Here's a popular phrase from McCain's environmental policy - "common sense stewardship." That means you want to protect the environment, but not enough to annoy big business.
John McCain believes that America's economic and environmental interests are not mutually exclusive, but rather inextricably linked. Our economic prospects depend greatly upon the sustainable use of ample and unspoiled natural resources. A clean and healthy environment is well served by a strong economy. History shows that poverty is a poor steward.

As John McCain said, "Americans solve problems. We don't run from them." He believes that ignoring the problem reflects a "liberal live for today" attitude unworthy of our great country, and poses a serious and unacceptable threat to our environment, our economy, and U.S. national security.
Funny how ignoring environmental problems reflects a "liberal live for today" attitude; particularly since it is the liberals who are actually making this an issue.

At any rate I actually think McCain is somewhat serious about protecting the environment; but I also think he's not actually going to do anything.

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