Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Beats - Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys

Well their first album. Which they called "Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys." Just seems too long to type out, you know?

"You might think that He's a Hero / but like Nixon, Mao or Nero / all you know is that they came, then they went."

Anyway Dave Stewart was the musical half of Eurythmics. Or maybe musician half? His voice shows up on a scant few Eurythmics tracks, but mostly Annie Lennox sings (because she's a much stronger presence and, let's face it, an unearthly singer. Dave Stewart provides the blips and bleeps (early on) and plays guitar and writes the tunes (for the most part).

"Jukebox, electric, shining in your face / arms like a gorilla playing a stumbling bass"

This was his first, and, to my knowledge, best solo album. It is, as the name suggests, steeped in spiritual imagery, but it's a pretty worldly spirituality. It's also pretty varied musically. From more mellow tracks like "Heaven and Earth" and "This Little Town" to more aggressive tracks like "On Fire" and "Party Town"

"He said I'm finished with acting / makes you feel like Jesus or John Wayne."

The Singles were "Love Shines" and "Jack Talking," both of which are good enough, but work better on the album than by themselves. Distributors wildly over purchased this album, so for a time it was very very easy to get used. That said, I really like it, and think it's worth paying full price for (but if you get it used, may as well).

"It's funny how money can make you deaf as well as blind."

Anyway if you see it in the shops, pick it up. That's not likely unfortunately, but you never know.

Due to pretty horrible car troubles, I didn't post my Republican Candidate Reviews yesterday - will do it tomorrow. Also will be doing three Friday Beat columns today to catch up a little.

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