Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Candidate Review - Electoral Reform - Mike Gravel

I suspect that as bad as it is with the Democrats, Republicans aren't going to mention electoral reform at all (although I suppose Tancredo will mention his fear that illegal aliens might vote). We'll have to see.

Anyway Campaign Finance doesn't warrant a spot on Gravel's issues page, but he has talked about it.
When the senator was questioned on whether or not he supported campaign finance reform, he responded, “Is the Pope Catholic? All these candidates opting out of matching funds, I’m trying to opt in. All I need is $10,000 and I can win with that. Believe me.”

Senator Gravel wrapped up the appearance by promoting his plan for direct democracy; the National Initiative.

“People who acquire power are not want to share it with the people from whom they acquire it. You are theauthority on your life. For the first time in US history we can at last have a government that is not just for the people and of the people, but truly by the people.”
Recent evidence suggest that the Pope is, indeed, Catholic. Not sure what I think about a national initiative. He's right when he says the technology is there and wasn't before, but not sure about the wisdom of turning over certain questions to, well, everybody, and hoping for the best.

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