Thursday, December 13, 2007

Candidate Review - Illegal Immigration - Rudy Giuliani

Well I suspect that most of the Republicans will have long and detailed ideas on how to deal with the "menace" of illegal immigration. Giuliani puts out his principles at the top.
"Real immigration reform must put security first because border security and homeland security are inseparable in the Terrorists' War on Us. The first responsibility of the federal government is to protect our citizens by controlling America's borders, while ending illegal immigration and identifying every non-citizen in our nation. We must restore integrity, accountability and the rule of law to our immigration system to regain the faith of the American people."
He supports building a wall between Mexico and the United States, favors a national I.D. (with biometrics, so it can't be faked), and Americanize immigrants - i.e. make them learn English. No mention of what to do for those illegals who are already here, although he is in favor of deporting any immigrant who commits a felony.

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