Friday, May 05, 2006

Hot Dogs and Blog Popularity

I have had over 500 hits today (which outstrips all my other days by quite a wide margin). The vast majority of which are from a google search of the term "Allen Brothers Hot Dogs." In fact if you type in Allen Brothers Hot Dogs, my website comes up number 2 or 3 (right after the Allen Brothers website itself), because I wrote a post on the appearance of their adds on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

I have to say (for the benefit of any Allen Brothers executives or lawyers) that I'm quite sure that Allen Brothers makes a fine hot dog. They are too expensive for me personally, but I'm sure they are a superior hot dog, one that anybody would be proud to eat. The fact that they advertise with Rush Limbaugh shows that they lack a soul, but frankly I'm not sure a soul is an important quality for a hot dog manufacturer to have. At any rate, had I $50 to spend on Hot Dogs, Allen Brothers would be my first choice.

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