Thursday, May 25, 2006

Contest Time!!!

I'd just like to announce a new contest here at Make Me a Commentator!!!

The rules are quite simple. They are beginning auditions for the next season of American Idol. All you have to do is participate in said auditions. When your time comes simply say in a clear voice, "I am a Robot."

Repeat the phrase "I am a Robot" until you are escorted from the studio. The person who repeats this phrase ("I am a Robot") the most wins.

And what do you win? My respect (this explains why I won't be participating in said contest; I know myself far too well to ever respect myself). That is a precious commodity, or at least extremely rare.

You can say "I am a Robot" in any way you like. You can even sing it if you want. I personally favor the semi-lombotomized glassy eyed deputy mayor style myself.

Also remember, participating in this contest isn't just a good idea. Frankly, it isn't even a good idea. But it's the law. So there you go.

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