Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good article on the Fall Elections

This is by William Pitt writing at truthout. William Pitt is a guy who used to post at Democratic Underground, and now, I believe, no longer does. I don't know the full details, and hesitate to comment. But I always found him to be a sharp mind, even when I disagreed with him (which was pretty regularly), so would like it if he came back to DU.

Anyway he just wrote an article at truthout about the Republicans strategy for keeping the House in the fall. Not very inspiring.
The abandonment of Congressional oversight is a lot of the reason we are in such a sorry state, and that abandonment was authored by Republicans who were stupid enough and opportunistic enough to trust that Bush and his people would lead them to the promised land of a permanent majority. This won't be forgotten by November.
Beyond that, few people are going to rise in response again to the waving of the bloody shirt of September 11. The Cunningham and Abramoff scandals continue to grow, chopping down Republicans left and right. The GOP's usual electoral strengths - morality and security - are gone, and the Republican base is abandoning them. The cupboard is just about empty.

What's left? Vote for us, or else we'll be held accountable! That's just funny.
It is pretty funny, actually.

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