Friday, May 12, 2006

Rush Limbaugh and the NSA Probe

Listened to Rush a bit as I was driving around at lunch, and I heard the following defenses of the NSA program.

1. If you think that's bad, consider this. The NSA is allowed to look in the phone book. "gasp" And that has your phone number AND your address!
Yeah, that's pretty scary. But they won't know that I called 1 900 SPANKME, so I'm cool with it. Of course the innocent need never fear that information on who they called will leak out to the Press.
2. If Democrats think this program is so bad, why don't they come out in favor of shutting down the NSA entirely?
Hmmmm. And if Democratic doctors find an in-grown toenail, one presumes that Rush would suggest cutting off the whole leg.
Oh Rush, you make it so easy sometimes.

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