Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Political Advice from Republicans

Boy am I tired of hearing political advice from Republicans (such as Ben Shapiro provides in his latest article). It all boils down to the same damn thing. "Real Americans are Conservative. If you want to appeal to real Americans you need to be more Conservative."

I don't think that "real Americans" exist. I think that's a rhetorical ploy. Simply pick the qualities you like in a voter and claim that those qualities are shared by all voters. Simple, but pretty much crap.

Plus of course, such formulations from a Conservative always seem to crap on California and New England (Case in point - Shapiro saying "Most of the country isn't like California and Massachusetts.").

Shapiro says that in relation to Gay Marriage, underlining that Liberal support for Gay Marriage will hurt them with "Real Americans." He also notes that Democrats, like President Bush, don't seem to want to demonize Latinos as much as "Real Americans" would like.

Then of course he makes fun of Al Gore. Al Gore takes global warming seriously. Ben Shapiro and many Conservatives do not believe in global warming, largely because global warming would not be profitable. So every time Al Gore describes the seriousness of the threat Global Warming proposes, they snicker up their sleeves, in much the same way you would if someone were to take the national stage and warn against an attack by the Loch Ness Monster.

But of course Global Warming has a bit more scientific evidence behind it.

At any rate, as these articles always do, Republicans think we would be more successful if we were a bit more like them. I think if we were a bit more like them, there would be little point to being successful.

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