Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Let Us Now Praise Famous Goblins

Starting with the most famous Goblin that I know; Random Goblin. Who pointed us to the comments section of the story I posted on yesterday. And rightly so because there are some doozies there.
Excellent the Media needs looking after, Traitors most of them.......
by ken wiley
good, you seditionist creeps deserve what you get. who knows how many serviceman have died because of your "right to know"
by jeff bynum
I am a journalism graduate, UNC-Chapel Hill. I am also a veteran.
I hope they catch every government leaker of classified secret information and put them in prison for life. And any reporter publishing known classified secret information should be shot. It is called treason, not first amendment rights.
by Tom Champ, who apparently likes to stack the deck.

Of course there are those who disagree.
I'm always staggered when people who claim to uphold the "values of America" willingly and joyfully allow their government to violate those values. What's your problem with the Constitution? Take another look: Fourth Amendment. Please.
by RHG
If you don't believe in the US Constitution, get the out of here. If you don't support the Bill of Rights, then YOU are Anti-American. Go move to Russia, Cuba, or China; move anywhere but get the hell out of my country. The only reason our soldiers are dying in this war is because the people that you degenerates voted into office sent them off to fight for someone else. Own up to your mistakes and quit trying to trade my liberty for your false sense of security.
by Leland McGee
The blind hatred for the press conveyed by several who have posted is more frightening than the NSA.
by Mike.

We live in dark days. I walk on guilded splinters (not really, but I'd like to sometime). I'm trying to be vaguely poetic but my head feels like it's not good. Oh well - I'll be back soon to talk about Presiden Bush's plan to militarize the border.

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