Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm Angry Just Now

I don't want to guarantee that this post won't involve some swearing - because it very well might.

Reading Natheniel Blake's latest article about the Christian Left - like most Conservative Christians he's uncomfortable with the idea that a person can be a Christian and yet come to a different conclusion on political matters. So he has to prove that people he doesn't agree with aren't really Christians. Take this passage on Senator and former Presidential Candidate Kerry.
This hypocrisy was displayed for all to see in the third Bush-Kerry debate. In response to a question on abortion, Kerry replied, "I think that everything you do in public life has to be guided by your faith, affected by your faith, but without transferring it in any official way to other people. That's why I fight against poverty. That's why I fight to clean up the environment and protect this earth. That's why I fight for equality and justice. All of those things come out of that fundamental teaching and belief of faith." So he would advance socialism because he thinks that is implicitly encouraged by his faith, but won't oppose the legal killing of babies even though his faith explicitly commands him to. Clearly what he claims is his faith serves him as nothing more than a prop, to be pulled out or put away as it serves his own agenda.
I guess there might be a difference of opinion on what the word faith means in this context, but I assume he means that the Catholic Church is opposed to abortion so Senator Kerry must be opposed to abortion. But since he does not support criminalizing abortion he is a hypocrite.

Newsflash Blake (and other Conservatives who think this way), Kerry does oppose abortion. He has determined, however, that criminalizing abortion is not the solution to the abortion problem. Can't we have even a hint of honest debate with Republicans? Nope.

Then there's this interesting passage.
As in C.S. Lewis'’ wily devil Screwtape wrote, "We want very much, to make men treat Christianity as a means-even to social justice-For the Enemy will not be used as a convenience." Of course, there are many on the right who view Christianity in the same way, as a falsehood useful for advancing an agenda, but the proportion to sincere believers is much higher among the conservative ranks.
Some of you might be wondering how Blake determined this little nugget of "information." Well I'll let you in on his secret - wishful thinking.

You might try it yourself; just imagine Blake as an escaped mental patient who wandered into the hallways of the Heritage foundation and was immediately given a column to write (that's how Ann Coulter got her start, you know).

At any rate, despite some meanness I got through the article without swearing. I'm damned proud of myself.


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