Monday, May 15, 2006

De longer you work here, diverse it gets!

Armstrong Williams thinks that Blacks, and other minority communities, should get a better slice of the pie in America. But what he really wants you to know is that he's not in favor of Affirmative Action.
. . . when hiring, bosses may look for those personal traits they associate with their own success. Consequently, they may end up hiring people who look, think and act in a manner similar to themselves. If confronted with a minority applicant who looks, sounds or communicates differently, they may turn these differences into perceived soft skill deficits.
But please remember, Armstrong Williams is not in favor of Affirmative Action.
We had no intention of pushing certain candidates ahead of other candidates by virtue of their skin color. Rather, we resolved to broaden our recruiting practices by increasing our presence in underserved communities. We wanted to give ourselves access to job candidates who may have been overlooked in the past. Plainly, this is not affirmative action.
Plainly. If Armstrong Williams were in favor of Affirmative Action he couldn't be a real conservative. We'll have to see how other conservatives who read his article take it.
Clearly you don't believe they should be required to meet the hiring standards of the business, but rather that the business should hire them despite the fact that they don't meet the standards. That is "affirmative action" in my dictionary.
That's from Audir10.
I've been on corporate America for over 20 years, mostly in management. One thing I've noticed during the hiring process is a larger percentage of blacks, compared to whites, exhibited behavior that was unbecoming as a potential hiree.
By Rick, who also claims he doesn't look at skin when evaluating a potential hiree.
Having worked at one of the top and biggest financial institutions in the world, I can't tell you how many diversity classes employees "must" attend during their career, all of them either extolling the value of different cultures, different skin tones, different life experiences. The one thing they all have in common is discrimination against white employees.
This is from Colorado, who really feels for the plight of the poor White Employee.

I feel kind of sorry for Mr. Williams, but I guess he just has to accept that conservatism just isn't interesting in the plight of minority communities. If you want to be friends with Conservatives tell them that most Black people really deserve to be in the ghetto.

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