Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another American Idol Suggestion

Maybe some of you think repeating "I am a Robot" is a little too far out there. For those of you who feel like this I suggest, instead, singing "The Richest Man in Babylon" by Thievery Corporation (with Notch). Great track.
There is no guidance in your kingdom
Your wicked walk in Babylon
There is no wisdom to your freedom
The richest man in babylon

Your beggars sleep outside your doorway
Your prophets leave to wonder on
You fall asleep at night with worry
The saddest man in Babylon

The wicked stench of exploitation
Hangs in the air and lingers on
Beneath the praise and admiration
The weakest man in Babylon

There is no hope left in your kingdom
Your servants have burned all their songs
Nobody here remembers freedom
The richest man in Babylon
babylon no get rich again
but to end up sick again
and you end up weak again
babylon you run
you better know you you better understand
the rancher man you better hear what we say
babylon this is your final day
babylon this is your final call
read the writing that's on the wall
see divided we stand
and together we fall
you never know that
you not gon' catch me in a rat pack
we not gon' fall away from it jah

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