Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Does this apply?

Just read an article in the New York Times about the difficulty of the Summer Blockbuster.
More striking, though, is the degree to which summer films like this year's "X-Men 3" or Mr. Singer's "Superman Returns" seem increasingly to define a new kind of cultural space, in which traditional notions about age mean little.

Such pictures appear to sit comfortably with an ascendancy of adults who act and think more like kids than conventional adults. These are the not-quite-grown-ups - one could call them "rejuveniles" - who delay marriage and parenthood, the better to maintain lives of fun and flexibility, who then bond and play with their own offspring in ways their parents would find ridiculous, and whose consumer choices have expanded the market for everything from micromini cars to gourmet cupcakes.
I'm not sure I'm happy being a rejuvenile; but I will say the preponderance of gourmet cupcakes does take a bit of the edge off.

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