Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Conservative Estimate

Dennis Prager's latest article is in the "Muslim Menace" series, designed to remind America that we are at war with Islam, not Terrorism.
But by the most conservative estimates, 10 percent of Muslims are in sympathy with the bin Laden way. That means at least 100 million people are prepared to murder (and apparently torture) in Allah's name. And given the history of Islamic imperialism and its roots in Muslim theology, hundreds of millions more are probably fellow travelers. Hence the almost unanimous Muslim governments' support for the genocidal Islamic regime in Sudan.

We pray that there arises a strong Muslim group that is guided by the Quranic verse, "There shall be no coercion in matters of faith."

But until such time, we had better understand that we are not merely fighting a war on terror, but a war against an ideology that wishes us to convert, be subject to Islamic law, or die.
Now here's a question: by who's most conservative estimates? Nimrod conservative radio hosts? Who is making this estimation?

Also is being sympathetic to the view that the United States of America has systematically screwed over the Middle East the same as being willing to fly airplanes into American buildings?

But asking that question dodges the real issue; is the vision of 100 million murderous Muslims based on real data or did you pull that figure out of thin air?

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