Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm tired of Standing up for Reality

But let's give it another go anyway.

Bruce Bartlett's latest article is about Tony Snow becoming the White House Press room, and judging by the articles title, Snow can be an honest broker in the press room, he thinks this is a good thing. But I didn't stop at the title. Once you get in and find out why he thinks this will be a good thing, you see his grasp of reality is really quite tenuous.
It confirms in the minds of many reporters that the relationship between Fox and the Republican Party goes over the line and makes a mockery of Fox’s journalistic integrity. But of course this is just hypocrisy. The rest of the major media leans so heavily toward the Democratic Party it is simply taken as the normal state of affairs.
It is simply taken as a normal state of affairs by dimwitted conservatives who can't understand why reality doesn't show the wisdom of following their dimitted plans. To say that the press is in the tank for Democrats is to ignore the war on Gore conducted in 2000. You'd also have to ignore the respectful way the Swift Boat Liars were treated in 2004. Of course many conservatives are skilled at doing just that, so the idea that the press is in the tank for Democrats still has plenty of currency with Bruce Bartlett.

I'm running out of ways to say, "Look if you want to have a serious talk about media bias, let's have one. But starting with the argument that the Media is 100% on one side or the other is not a serious place to start."

Here's another total lie by Bartlett.
Also, Republicans know that there is a media double standard: Democrats are permitted to take partisan positions in government and still work the media afterwards, while Republicans are almost never allowed to do so. It is inconceivable that a Republican would ever being given the positions that George Stephanopoulos has at ABC News or Bill Moyers has with PBS. A Republican would be viewed as too partisan, while even the most partisan Democrat can pretend to still be objective.
Shall I make a list of prominent commentators who served in the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 1 White Houses? Pat Buchannan springs to mind. He served as a speech writer in the Nixon White House, then became a regular guest on Crossfire and the McLaughlin Group getting his own show (with Bill Press) in 2002.

Oliver North, who had some involvement with the Reagan Administration, has his own show on Fox and is a regular commentator there.

Tony Blankley served as Newt Gingriches Press Secretary and went on to a regular column for George magazine and numerous appearances on CNNs Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, and MSNBCs Hardball.

So to pretend that serving a Conservative President or Politician somehow taints you, keeping you from appearing on camera is not just a lie, it's a clumsy lie. I wonder if Mr. Bartlett even expects to be believed.

Or if he and his readers have gone so far into their hatred for the media they will just blip right over this.

The truth is that it is not the Extremist Conservative point of view that we are lacking in American media. It is any kind of strongly argued Liberal point of view. Instead Liberals are represented by people like Joe Klein, who apparently believes our message for the last 20 years has been about hating America.

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