Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More on Making English our National Language

E. J. Dionne has written a solid article on this subject.
There is no point to this amendment except to say to members of our currently large Spanish-speaking population that they will be legally and formally disrespected in a way that earlier generations of immigrants from -- this is just a partial list -- Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, France, Hungary, Greece, China, Japan, Finland, Lithuania, Lebanon, Syria, Bohemia, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia were not.

Immigrants from all these places honored their origins, built an ethnic press and usually worshiped in the languages of their ancestors. But they also learned English because they knew that advancement in our country required them to do so.
Here's a question for you to consider. Why, in the middle of a debate on reforming illegal immigration, are we stopping to discuss this? Will this make our borders more secure? Seems unlikely.

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