Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If Gay People Really Wanted Freedom they Would Be Conservative!

Or at least that is the argument Star Parker puts forth in her latest article.
If gay activists really wanted freedom, as opposed to advancing a particular political agenda, they would be hard at work moving government control out of areas of our society that limit their as well as everyone else's freedom.

They should be fighting for nationwide school choice, so they can send their children to schools that teach what they want. They should be fighting for private social security accounts and so they could stop complaining about discrimination in survivor benefits. They should fight for private health care accounts and getting corporations out of the benefits providing business and so they could stop complaining about discrimination in benefits toward gay couples.
This almost reads like a parody to me. I mean I understand that Ms. Parker believes that the answer to all of America's problems is more conservatism. But does she really find it reasonable to expect Gays, if they really wanted freedom, to fight, not for legalizing Gay marriage, but for private social security accounts?

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