Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rush Limbaugh's Common Touch

Of course you all know that Limbaugh was booked yesterday and released on $3,000 bail. I've not got much to say about that except that it is entertaining to watch him pretend this is all political.

I would like to note that Rush Limbaugh has a new sponsor, Allen Brothers The Great Steakhouse Steaks. Those of you who wish to spend $99.95 on 4 10-oz steaks, your prayers are answered. But should you wish something a little more exotic, why not try Wagyu Sirloin Strip Steaks. 4 10-oz steak of this variety cost only $265.95.

But Allen Brothers do have something for the common man - Hot Dogs. Nothing more American than Hot Dogs, eh? And at Allen Brothers, they come at the low low price of 40 regular sized hot dogs or 20 jumbo sized hot dogs for $49.95.

And people think that Rush is out of touch with the average American.

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