Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ann Coulter's New Book

For those who can't wait to read Ann Coulter's new book, here's the comments of some of her supporters (provided by Amazon.Com).
Yes and in the Democratic party one distinguishes oneself by, killing babies, spitting on soldiers, burning American flags and embracing such fine individuals as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. I'm glad that there are people like yourself J.E. Bishop who fell obligated at a moments notice not only to judge others of different beliefs but to insult them as well. You could really help yourself if you bothered for a second to learn something about the party you so vehemently oppose instead of watching George Clooney movies and jumping on the bandwagon. - sg2626

To sg2626, I agree with you; the acts of far-left Liberalism are some of the most appalling examples of disloyalty (and arguably sedition) on record. However, to everyone in this discussion, I do not think that Ms. Coulter's new book is about who is more pious vs. who is less pious--Conservatives or Liberals, but more about one group acknowledging the God-centered nature of the American majority vs. the almost Nietzschen atheistic, moral relativism of the minority. - Kyle R. Hudson
Ah that helps me get in the proper mood for a season of Ann being around more often. That mood is, of course, vomiting and furious.

There's also a humorous section where Jo Jo (a Democrat) points out that not all Democrats kill babies, spit on soldiers, or burn American flags, only to be reminded that by supporting Democrats you are supporting people who kill babies, spit on soldiers, and burn American Flags. D'oh.

The correct response to sg2626 is, or anybody who expresses similar feelings, is "You must be out of your f***ing mind."

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