Monday, April 03, 2006

Stealing Stuff!

Went and saw "Inside Man" today, as I had the day off. A great potboiler. Lots of good performances. Denzel Washington and Jodi Foster have soaked up a lot of the press (and they are terrofic), but Christopher Plummer, Willem Defoe, and Chiwetel Ejiofor all gave enjoyable performances as well, as did many others.

The story is good, but not as clever as it thinks it is. Also the movie peters out, without having quite resolved the plotlines. Clearly, our hero Keith Frazier (Washington) can flop right back down to the bottom of the barrel based on the end of the movie (setting him up for "Inside Man II: The Insidening"). But on the whole it's a good movie, well made.

And people steal stuff. So you know it's good.

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