Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do you want to be Incinerated?

After careful consideration I've decided I don't want to be incinerated. That's why I'm taking Ross McKenzie's latest article so seriously.
Three years of diplomacy by the Bush administration - preceded by two decades of it - have brought us to this profoundly troubling moment. The question at hand: Pre-emption against Iran, or inaction - and an incinerated future for us all?
Oh my. I don't want to be incinerated (or to have an incinerated future, which would seem to be the same thing), so I must support a pre-emptive strike against Iran. That makes everything simple, I guess.

Assuming of course you accept that diplomacy has failed and will fail in the future. And assuming that you think Iran is terribly close to getting the bomb. And assuming you think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will have no trouble holding on to his position for the long term. I suppose you'd also have to have faith in President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to manage this mission a bit more carefully than they handled the mission in Iraq.

That's a lot of assumptions, maybe we are better off trying diplomacy a bit longer.

There's an interesting passage in Mackenzie's article for those of us who follow the Christian Faith (or Jewish or Islamic for that matter.
And for what it's worth, let this datum not be lost: biblical prophecy holds that Armageddon - which Osama, Ahmadinejad, Moussaoui and the 9/11 hijackers, et al, seem so intently to want - will be fought in northern Israel's Valley of Megido.
Hmmmmmm. Doesn't the battle of Armageddon usher in the return of Christ? Isn't that something Christians would want as well (or at least a certain type of Christian (the kind that delights in the suffering of people who aren't himself))? Anyway it's an interesting idea that the "islamofacists" are doing all this to bring to pass Biblical prophecy.

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