Saturday, April 01, 2006

Big News!

Hey just letting you know I have been in talks the last two days with an off Broadway producer (he's from Lubbock Texas actually, which is pretty convincingly off Broadway). Anyway he wants to turn Make Me A Commentator!!! into a Musical. Normally I would think this is pretty crazy, but he was quite convincing. So I've been spending the last couple of days working on some lyrics (with notes for how the eventual music would sound). Tell me what you think.

Let's Get Commentating

(slow tune - pensive, then picking up on the last note)
Sometimes the world seems confused
Like everybody's down
Like we ain't got nothing to say
Like the world needs a rubdown
Like things don't make no real sense
And then it occurs to me.
The world needs commentary!

(High Energy Music, while sung the cast comes unto the stage)
Let's get Commentating
Everybody Needs it!
Some Authenticating!
Everybody seize it!
World necessitating
The need the greed the speed
Let's get Commentating!
The words you love to read!

(Slowdown a bit - more melodic)

Cheery: But what if we offend someone?
Grumbly: That's why I always have my gun!
McIckleson: I'm safe because I'm fictional
Space Lobster: I'm vaguely supernatural!

(Back to big tempo Music)
Let's get Commentating!
Let's Angrily Opine
So Intoxicating
Posting is such a grind
Always Overstating
Because big words still sell
Let's get Commentating
And get out of our shells! (joke here - Space Lobster saying hey)

Anyway I probably need one more verse and chorus. Those lyrics only took a day and a half to write - this musical is going to be great! What do you think?

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