Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An Evening of Watching Television

Just watched last night's 24 and Sunday night's Family Guy and I have a comment on each show.
1. President Logan being the traitor is a bit baffling in two sense. The storyline doesn't make a lot of sense because he's such a cowardly dimwit. And the creators of the show are big conservatives, and this story is basically reheated MIHOP (the theory that President Bush caused 9/11 in order to take us to war with Iraq, it stands for Made It Happen On Purpose). We have a Republican President allowing terrorists to strike in the United States for reasons that seem to add up to "Well I really need a bump in the polls."

2. To the writers of Family Guy, just kill Meg off. It's painful to watch how much you and all the characters seem to totally hate her. Here, I'll write the scene for you (using the same sensitivity and kindness you show her every week).
(Peter and Brian are sitting on the couch. The phone rings, Peter answers it).
Peter: Yeah. Really? Yeah. (Hangs up phone) Meg just died?
Brian: Oh my god! Really?
Peter: Yeah. She was apparently raped and murdered by a D-List celebrity, who the police were unable to name.
Brian: Damn. I mean, Damn.
Peter: So I guess there's no reason to ever mention her again.
Brian: What are you? Some kind of monster? (thinks a moment) Actually, yeah, I can see that. Let's do that.
Just a thought. Actually you should probably pick a D-List Celebrity to do the dirty deed, but I didn't want to tie your hands by putting my own choice in.

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